This site is dedicated to my fondness for fowl. Not in any way that requires years of therapy. It's not even my favorite meat. I just think it's neat. What can I say? I am easily amused.
Plus, it may have something to do with the fact that my first and middle names said together are a homonym of poultry (Paul Troy).

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Shuffle and Potty Paradise!

Yep, that's right. I said Potty Paradise. Does that mean I have a potty mouth, I wonder? In any event, we are happy at the Pheasantly Fascinating household because our little one is no longer in diapers! Well, unless he is napping or sleeping. It has been two days and we've only had one accident. It happened yesterday evening just before bedtime and he was playing in his room with one of our cats. I guess he got overly excited. The cat was none too pleased.

And now for the Friday Shuffle:

1. "War" by, well pick one...Bob Marley, Earth, Wind, & Fire; Edwin Star
I belive my shuffle's version is by Mr Starr; it just says Various Artists.
"War! Hu! Yeah! Was is it good for?" A relevant question if ever I did hear one. C'mon home troops!

2. "Is This Love?" by Bob Marley and the Wailers
(Again, I had to research this one. Shame on my shuffle!")

3. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie About" by Joan Baez
Okay, what exactly is this song about?

4. "Francisco Guayabal" by Benny More
Damn if my shuffle doesn't have a thing for Senior More. I ain't complainin'!

5. "Still Crazy After All This Years" by Paul Simon
The live version. I wish he would've told the audience to hush.

6. "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" by Meat Loaf
So much soul. Great song!

7. "Litty Bitty" by Alan Jackson

8. "Coward of the County" by Kenny Rogers
"But you coulda heard a pin drop when Tommy stopped and locked the door."

9. "Cry No More" Buju Banton

10. "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Meme from "The Mind Wobbles"

I got this from my friend at The Mind Wobbles - respond to each with "I would", "I wouldn't" or "I have".

Touch a snake - I have
Ride in a hot-air balloon - I would
Sky dive - I have
Scuba dive - I havet
Sing in front of a huge audience - I have (poor souls they were!)
Sit in the front of a roller coaster - I have
Walk through a graveyard alone at night - I would
Join a space mission - I would
Call off a wedding - I would
Walk naked through a crowded city - How much would you pay me not to?
Disarm a bomb - I wouldn't
Clean the outside windows on a skyscraper - I wouldn't
Go on tour with a rock band - I wouldn't
Go skinny dipping in mixed company - I have
Heckle a comedian at a comedy club - How much liquor is involved?
Eat something really gross - I wouldn't

Reflection - It's not just for pools anymore!

With my brief hiatus from bloggerland coming to an end (I hope), I submit for your perusal the following water cooler discussion points. Please weigh in on one or both.

You Break it, You Pay for it
Are we always accountable for our own actions? Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of a piece of mail from the State of Arizona...a photo radar traffic summons! Sound the trumpets! I did some research and found that since I was not "served" (physically given the summons by an officer or a process server), I can ignore the ticket. In discussing this at the office, a friend, coworker, and fellow blogger (all the same person) was very direct about it. She asked if I was speeding. I said yes. She said to pay the ticket. So, do I pay it, or do I ignore it?

Freedom of Speech
You are in a public area with your young child or children. Or, you're by yourself for that matter. Someone is using a plethora of explicatives. You ask them not to (for whatever reason, or possibly, do you don't give them a reason). They refuse saying that 1) it's a free country and 2) they have a right to freedom of speech. Are they right, or can you haul off and sock them in the mouth; woops I meant do you have the right to be upset about it, but short of making a citizen's arrest, that's about it?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Shuffle, shuffle on into the bathroom!

Last night was not good night in the Pheasantly Fascinating household. Our 3 year old was sick. He lost his dinner around 2 am, again at 6 am, and then at 8 am he couldn't keep down the juice he was drinking. Poor guy. So Mrs. Pheasantly Fascinating took him to his pediatrician this morning. They said it was probably some tummy bug and it will run it's own course.

The thing is that in three years this is the first time he has had to toss his cookies, not counting spit ups as an infant. He was scared. And he didn't get the concept of trying to make it to the bathroom.

That's okay though because it gives us something to strive for the next time he gets sick.

So, now that I have you thinking about icky sicky stuff, let us commence with our Friday Shuffle.

"Bat Out of Hell"(live) by Meatloaf. Really, the first tune is by a guy named something you probably don't want to associate with my above story.

"Congratulations" by Paul Simon. One of his wimpier songs, but hey, it's still Paul.


Garth Brooks, "Unanswered Prayers", with 241 songs in this playlist and the shuffling Gods subject me to this song on two back to back shuffles.

skip (maybe I should cut back on my Paul Simon tracks in this playlist - there are 50.

Earth Wind & Fire, "After The Love Has Gone"

The Iguanas, "Angel"

Phil Collins, "Take a Look at Me Now"


Steve Miller Band, "Horse and Rider"

Beny More, "Como Fue" and I have it on good authority that this is an "authentic version".

Buju Banton, "Our Father in Zion" and that, folks, is almost all of the lyrics in the 27 second song.

The Pleb, "One for Senegal"

A bit of a dissapointing shuffle, I do think.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wanna Hear A Story?

This has been the question of the day for the last two days around our house. It is posed by our 3 year old and the answer really doesn't matter, because a story will be told. Then we hear the undeniable classic opening of all great literature..."Once upon a time". Though it sounds more like, "Unce upon a tuh-yme". Then we hear about a witch. There is some sort of conflict with him, playing the part of the main victim-cum-hero of the story, the witch, and one of his favorite characters who come to his aid, and in addition, sometimes fruit is involved. Then just as the story is getting juicy, well as juicy as it could get coming from a three year old, he says, "The end".

He told me 11 stories on the way to school this morning, a twenty minute drive, and ten of them had a witch as the nemesis. The eleventh story started out with Once upon a time but before he got to the part about the witch, which is the second sentence, he announced he was hungry. I imagine that the story will pick back up when I get him from preschool this afternoon. And I am waiting with baited breath, really.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh, my Gawd

Today, I experienced Nirvana. First I must state for the record that I am a hard core Java fan. I don't mean the computer language. I like espresso (known in Miami as Cuban coffee), cafe au lait (again, Miamians call it Cafe con leche), American coffee (also known down here as dark water) name it, I drink it. I do not waste time on tea. Sweet tea, yes, but that is in a different category. I am refering to hot tea, which I consider a poor excuse for a beverage...that is, until today.

I am a changed man. Today, a coworker turned me onto a tea called "Ceylon" which is from the Ceylon island next to India. If you haven't tried this stuff, and you're a coffee drinker, you must do so now. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friday Shuffle...err, on Tuesday

Okay, so Friday and Monday were so hectic at work, this is the first chance I am getting to blog. You're probably asking, "Hey Troy, why not blog on the weekend?" And give up the chance to blog on company time? I think not. Anyway, Hilda, over at The Mind Wobbles, has gotten me addicted to the stuff and now I miss it when I don't blog. So here is the "Friday Shuffle", a few days late.

The Beattles, "Yesterday" - Okay, so NOT the song for me. I certainly don't long for yesterday. It was a crazy day.

Beny More (with an accent over the 'e'), "Bonito y Sabroso 2003 Club" - Great stuff! It has a scratchy LP sound and the music is feel good toe tapping spanish music!

Skip (New rule. I am skipping when the shuffle picks the same artist in the Friday Shuffle.)

Johnny Cash, "I walk the Line" - Guys, it's Johnny, what else can I say?

Paul Simon, "Kodachrome" - Damn if my shuffle doesn't know good music! It's picked Paul (at least once) for every Friday Shuffle running.

The Iguanas, "Boom, Boom, Boom" - Certainly not their best track but if you like Tex-Mex Rock, give these guys a try.



Dixie Chicks, "Not Ready to Make Nice" - Good for them.

Garth Brooks, "Unaswered Prayers" - This song is so cheesey, ya gotta like it...or you could go into convulsions.

Major Bob & the Top Brass Band, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" - Okay, is "hat" code for something here?


Bob Marley, "No Woman, No Cry"


BeeGees, "Staying Alive" - This song reminds me of "Airplane" everytime I hear it. Now, that was a GREAT movie! "What's your vector, Victor?"; "She's really sick, we're going to have to take her to a hospital!", "A hospital, what is it? It's a big white building with sick people, but that's not important now."; "Surely, you must be joking!", "I'm not joking and don't call me Shirley!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

That's Funny (Religous Beliefs Aside)

I was reading a post at the Geek Inside and was reminded of a funny bumper sticker that I saw a few years ago. I was walking through a parking lot and as I approached the rear of a parked car, I read its bumber sticker: "Jesus is my copilot". As I walked along side the car and past it, I couldn't help but notice that the right front section of the car (that would be the front passenger's side) was entirely smashed in.

It was one of the best laughs I had in a long time.

But who knows, maybe they got the bumper sticker after the accident?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Manic Monday - Oh, Okay, Fine...Manic Tuesday

Today isn't that manic of a day for me, but I was recently reminded of the glorious era of the 80's and the title came to me like a member's only jacket comes to the kid wearing parachute pants. Uh, thanks Sari. I am so stuck in an 80's thing right now. So, best and worst of the 80's. This is NOT a meme. Just a fun 80's post. Feel fun to weigh in if you wish either here or on your own blog.
Note: It'd be totally rad if you let me know that you were continuing the post on your blog.

Worst 80's Video:
"Here I Go Again" by WhiteSnake. I have nothing against the song but I remember thinking that a 3 minute of a half naked girl sprawled over the top of a sports car was just plain dumb. And yes I was "normal" teen aged boy.

Best 80's Video:
"I Love To Be Sedated" by the Ramones. I know most folks would say "Thriller" by Michael 'Noseless' Jackson but that seems to obvious of a choice.

Worst 80's Fad Idea:
Hair. Big Hair. Guys with short ponytails. Crimped hair. All of it. We were a nation obsessed with hair fads. I am not naming this as a bad fad as a bitter bald man. Though I do miss my mullet.

Best 80's Fad Idea:
Pegged jeans. I also would wear a primary colored undershirt with a white short sleeved button shirt that was striped with the same color of the undershirt. I would then peg the shirt sleeves so and roll it so the under shirt would create a colorful band at the end of each sleeve. Complete with my deck shoes with no socks. And the spiked mullet, can't forget the mullet. Dude, I was cool.

Worst 80's TV Show:
Valerie. My God, what was the point?!

Best 80's TV Show:
"Doogie Howser". And in the 90's it was the "The Wonder Years". Those guys were my role models. Okay so, in the case of Kevin Arnold, my sights were not that lofty.

Okay, that's all I have for now. Other than to say that Mmmmmmmmax Headroom lives forever!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Yes, the Bathroom Saga Continues...

Okay, so when I wrote on Friday that one of the bathrooms was complete, well, that wasn't entirely true. The tiled vanity top needed trim work and the light fixture wasn't mounted flush to the wall. So the guy who took 2 and a half weeks to complete a job that should've taken 3 or 4 days came back on Sunday to finish up. Oh, the horror. Oh, the inhumanity.

Folks, the man was in my house for only twenty minutes when he managed to short out the light fixture whilst tripping the breaker and in a separate stupendous action he broke one of the sconces. The bonus round points was the fact that I was the lucky duck holding the light fixture when the wires he had improperly attached with a wire nut came loose and touched the metal housing. If you haven't experienced an electrical short it is a loud pop sound and a spark that makes you appreciate life. Well, your own life anyways. Can you say "Strong bladder control is a wonderful thing"? I knew that you could.

Jumpin' Jehosafats if there isn't someone looking out for me. Of course, that someone could've ensured I had steered clear of the guy in the first place, but such is life.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Shuffle and Bathroom Troubles

This Friday Shuffle is dedicated to my bathroom troubles. Not troubles using the bathroom, mind you. But problems getting my bathrooms redone. We had leaks in both and needed new walls and thusly new tiles. One is complete and the guy took 4444444444444444444-ever! For the next one, we have selected someone else completely randomly. The first guy was recommended and we see how well that turned out. Wish us luck! And enough about my porcelain's the shuffle...enjoy!

Earth, Wind & Fire, "Kiss and Say Goodbye" Can we say a good extramarital affair gone bad? I so can't relate to this song but it sounds pretty enough.

Gillian Welch, "Barroom Girls" Such poetic lyrics! The first two lines are "Oh the night came undone like a party dress. And fell at her feet in a beautiful mess." Nice wrting.

Johnny Cash, "A Boy Named Sue" Now, there's a fun song.

Eric Clapton, "Lay Down Sally"

Louie Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World" What a wonderful song!

Paul Simon, "You can call me Al" And you can call my shuffler partial to Gillian and Paul. Two weeks running.

Buena Vista Social Club, "Viente Anos" Yes my Spanish is very rough, at best, but I still like my Latin music from time to time.

Norah Jones, "Humble Me" Man, her voice is like a warm enveloping blanket on a cold and rainy day.

Dixie Chicks, "Landslide" I love the original version of this song by FWM and must say that this version does it considerable justice. Well done!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A lesson in Spanish

I was just going down memory lane and reviewing past jobs before I began working for my current employer, for whom I've worked for thirteen years. Considering the number of jobs I held prior to this one, it was more like a memory super highway. Anyway, I had this one job in college where I worked at a photo lab for a large drugstore chain. One of my tasks was to call customers when their pictures were ready.

I live in a culturally diverse community (aka Miami, it's only 30 miles from the U.S.) and one of the customers I called didn't speak any English. She answered the phone saying, "Oygo". Not knowing the correct spelling, I am spelling it phonetically. At a loss for words, well a loss for words in Spanish, I tried my best to recall the little I knew and I said "Pierdete". I then when to get a spanish speaking coworker who went to the phone only to discover the lady had hung up. He asked me what I had said and I told him that I had asked her to wait a minute in Spanish. "Ang how deed jew say et?", my colleague asked. So I told him: "Pierdete".

When he finished laughing he explained to me that I had meant to say "esperate", which when pronounced has the r come out like a soft d and the s gets swallowed a bit: "ehpeda-te". It turns out that piederte, which sounds a lot like "esperate" to a non-Spanish speaking native, means "get lost".

So she did!

I wasn't allowed to call customers anymore...for the remainder of my career with that employer, which was about two more weeks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stolen, but Fun

It's fun. It's stolen. It is from Blah, Blah, Blog, via Purple Passion. Click on the image (avatar) to play along. Reply here if you do, please.

Treasure Rendering Orgasms and Yeses
Get Your Sexy Name

Little Guy's First Museum Trip!

On Monday, Labor Day, we took our three year old to the museum. He had a blast! He particular liked the expression of the cubism movement.

You think I'm joking. I'm not. I'm not being entirely direct either.

The museum we went to was the Miami Children's Museum. And the cubism movement consisted of shipping crates attached to a pulley system that kids could use to raise the crates and move them from point A to point B. The premise was that the kids were dock workers, complete with hard hats, loading supplies onto a Carnival cruise ship.

There was also a Publix SuperMarket display that allowed kids to shop in a mock grocery store.

Can I offer anyone some product placement on a grand scale?

In total there were 6 displays. The other four were: Rescue related exhibits, an ER room, a bank, and a build-a-bear exhibit.

Our son had fun. My wife got a bit light headed from low blood sugar - she has gestational diabetes and we didn't make the proper food plans for her being there so long. And me? Well for once I was happy when my son announced he wanted to go home to watch Barney!