This site is dedicated to my fondness for fowl. Not in any way that requires years of therapy. It's not even my favorite meat. I just think it's neat. What can I say? I am easily amused.
Plus, it may have something to do with the fact that my first and middle names said together are a homonym of poultry (Paul Troy).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Your Opinion Please!

We found out yesterday that our newest addition to the family will be a boy! I think our son, Wesley Scott, will be very happy to have a little brother! What's next? Names! We need to pick a name. Here is a list that we have come up with. We've narrowed it down to forty-one!!! Hee hee.
  1. Brent
  2. Cain
  3. Colby
  4. Daniel
  5. Dawson
  6. Desmond
  7. Dillon
  8. Duncan
  9. Dwight
  10. Ethan
  11. Everet
  12. Gavin
  13. Harper
  14. Harris
  15. Hunter
  16. Ian
  17. Jack
  18. Jackson
  19. Jared
  20. Kale (Cail)
  21. Kevin
  22. Lance
  23. Levon
  24. Lucas
  25. Marcus
  26. Mason
  27. Micah
  28. Mitchell
  29. Nathan
  30. Nathaniel
  31. Pierce
  32. Quinn
  33. Quint
  34. Rick (only because it’s my brother’s, dad’s, & grandpa’s name)
  35. Roan
  36. Ronan
  37. Ronin
  38. Sage
  39. Sean
  40. Tyler
  41. Wynn
Please reply with your top 3 and your bottom 3. If you wish to provide any justification for your choices - that would be great!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One Month Recap

This Morning
(Don't fret, we won't be going day-by-day. It just so happens that the first thing I want to share with you over the last month, since my last post, occurred this morning!)
This morning my wife was about to share with a nugget of Wesleyism* that she witnessed yesterday but was never able to finish as we both were consumed with laughter. She was telling me that our son, who is a day shy of being 3, made his way to the kitchen pantry and was eyeing the....our son was is in the room whilst she was telling me this and she didn't want to say what he was eyeing in fear that we'd have to give him some, so she did what all parents do when they want to bypass the ears of their toddlers, she spelled it out: "He was eyeing the p-o-p-c-o-r-n". At which point our son looked up at her and said, "No mommy. Popcorn."

*Wesleyism - A memorable phrase or action done by our toddler.

(Sort of. The crescendo of this next item I want to share with you did indeed occur yesterday but I feel I must fill in the back story.)
The outside of our house is finally complete! The pool in the backyard was ready as of February (great month to complete a swimming pool) but the rest of the yard was looking pretty scary. When we had selected a company to do the landscaping & re-sodding for us, the gentleman to whom I will refer to as "Miguel" because, well, that's his name, he had told me that I could save money by killing the old weed infested grass with round up on my own. When I bought the stuff, the label read that I would accomplish the task in two treatments. That was nearly a month ago and I have since bought more of the stuff and reapplied it a total of 5 times! But finally the grass died and suddenly it had occurred to me that I had been spraying my neighbor's lawn instead. Not really. With my old sod dead, we made one final trip out to Homestead and met the landscaper at the nursery and we purchased our plants. It took him and his crew two days to complete and it looks really great! How do I add pictures to my blog?

Last Weekend
("Last Weekend" actually started last Wednesday and concluded Sunday.)
We went to Orlando to see Mickey! By "we", I mean my wife, her fetus, our son, three of our closest friends, and my dad & step-mom joined us there Saturday evening. It was a blast. Being a Floridian, I grew up going to the Disney parks and the other ones every couple of years. As a dad, the experience changes so much. Now I am the one who gets to say "Don't make me turn this car around." Seriously though, it was a blast. Watching my son's face on all the rides and seeing how he taking it all in. He was in awe!

Two Weekends Ago
My wife and I were invited to dinner by our friends, a couple who were celebrating both of their birthdays and their 8th wedding anniversary - all occurring within 4 days of each other. Almost one important date* right after the other. How sweet is that? Can you say: "Suh-weet!" They had invited 3 other couples and we had a really dinner at began place called Sublime. Not being a vegetarian, I had my doubts, but the food was great and the ambiance of the place was really cool.

*Important Date - A date that a husband must remember, and buy gifts for.

Three Weekends Ago
I went to Orlando with two friends as judges for the state Odyssey of the Mind competitions. Yes, it was time of year again. It was rewarding watching the kids compete and complete their projects that they had worked on all year. It was educational as well. In fact, I had learned from one of my fellow event judges, that when one must flatulate, it is proper etiquette to "cut it off". Whilst explaining this, the person made a swiping motion behind her backside. I'm good to go and aren't YOU grateful that I passed along that little nugget of wisdom?

So, Until Next Time:
Spell out your snacks (in Latin); Don't bother read the label because they're all lies; Always were comfortable shoes; Don't be afraid of tofu - don't eat it, just don't be afraid of it either; and last, but not least, always remember to cut it off!