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Plus, it may have something to do with the fact that my first and middle names said together are a homonym of poultry (Paul Troy).

Thursday, December 28, 2006

First Ever Blog Posting

So, it's that week between Christmas and New Years when it's a shame to take off from work because traffic is great and the work environment is mellow and one of my friend/coworkers, Hilda, sent me a link to her blog. So I thought to myself: "Self, you should create a blog." And here I am. Yes folks, I am a virgin blogger, a virgger if you please. It's true. The guy that has been in the IT field for over 7 years has never written a blog.

So what to blog about?

Christmas was really cool. Our only begotten son, Wesley, is two-and-a-half (yes, we do halves) and we got a real kick out of observing him become aware of Christmas much more than he did last year. Though I must say that last year he drooled on his presents enough that the wrapping paper just sort of washed away so it didn't matter that he hadn't yet devolped his unwrapping skills. This year though he was quite proficient. At one point he was unwrapping two gifts at the same time. Then at some point, he stopped in midstream and asked for the one and only Christmas gift that he had been asking for since the point that he was made aware that such thing existed, which was about two weeks prior. "Lollipop Orange", he asked inquisitively. He had hand puppets, a keyboard synthesizer, a xylophone, and a race car. Yet he was asking for the lollipop orange, which by the way had started out as lollipop blue but after a couple of days had changed to lollipop orange. Had we forgotten? Of course not. A few days earlier I came across the stash of Halloween candy we had at work and but before me did my eyes see? In the mix of candy that noone really wanted but felt too guilty to throw away, were some lollipops. They were quite small and I managed to find one with a orange wrapper and one with a blue wrapper. I think that there is no mystery to the flavor stamped on the orange wrapper. But oddly enough, the stamp on the blue wrapped lollipop announced that it was raspberry. Raspberries are blue? Who knew. I always thought that they were, well, raspberry in color. Hey, if peach can be color and fruit, and so can orange, then why not raspberry? But I digress. Which as you get to know me through my blog, you'll learn is something I do quite well and with a fair amount of proficiency. There I go again.

So there we were. The video camera was running. My wife and I were sitting around Wesley and were watching with complete enjoyment as he stopped opening his gifts so that he could enjoy his lollipops that I had painstakinly procurred for him and had stowed away in his Christmas stocking. First he devoured the orange one, then the blue one. And I say devoured but he did it with great care and precision. It really is fascinating to just sit back and observe him. - well, to observe any little tyke, I imagine, though I am quite partial to this one.

So there you have it. While that wasn't our complete Christmas day, it certainly was the highlight.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog posting!