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Plus, it may have something to do with the fact that my first and middle names said together are a homonym of poultry (Paul Troy).

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Shuffle - A Tribute Edition

Hi guys,

Yesterday one of our two 16 year old cats past away; JJ. He was aided in his departure by the vet and both Mrs. Phez and I were with him. So, with a nod to Fred to start the music, let's call this one out to my little grey and black tiger-striped kitty.
  1. "Lovely Rita", by the Beattles. A great song that makes some silly lyrics work. I love the piano stylings in this song reminiscent of "The Entertainer".
  2. "Divorce Song", by Lix Phair. Okay, not a great song. A good song, though. And I'm impressed that Liz got through a song without dropping the F-bomb. Woops, scratch that last part - I was writing this during the tail end of the such luck.
  3. "What a Fool Believes", by The Doobie Brothers. A classic. But I admit that I really know the refrain.
  4. "Two Less Lonely People in the World", by Air Supply. Gag me with spoon.
  5. "Scared of You", by Nelly Fritada (Okay I know it's "Furtado", but Fritada is just a lot funnier)
  6. "Can't Stop This Thing We Started", by Bryan Adams. See how one gets punished for saying that they like 80's music?
  7. "I Can See For Miles", by the Who. The unknown continuation of that song is, "...When I'm Not in a Drug Induced Stupor".
  8. "Back In The Saddle", by Aerosmith.
  9. "Strawberry Fields Forever", off of the Across the Universe soundtrack
  10. "Good Feeling", by the Violent Femmes.

Well that it's for the very odd shuffle. Peace, everyone.


sari said...

I'm sorry about JJ.

Eva said...

Rest in peace lil' kitty. And my heart goes out to you, Troy. I know how sad it is to lose a beloved pet.

As for the shuffle, you got me to "LOL" when you called her Nelly Fritata. Hilarious.