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Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Eat Soggy Waffles!

An interchange that happened this afternoon on the way home from work & daycare:

Lil Phez: Don't eat soggy waffles, right daddy?
Me: Huh? What baby?
Lil Phez: I told to you, "Don't eat soggy waffles". That's right, right daddy?
Me: Surrrrre. Okay, sweetie.
(About 10 minutes later; closer to our home)
Lil Phez: That way is eat, right daddy? And that way is waffles.
Me: (not hearing him completely) That's right, left is that way and right is that way.
Lil Phez: No daddy, soggy is there and don't is there. I know because 'don't eat soggy waffles.
Me: Ohhhh, baby it's not 'Don't', it's never. You're saying "Never Eat Soggy Waffles". That's neat that you know that. Who told you that?
Lil Phez: Diana at school. It was on her t=shirt with arrows.
Me: Cool. I learned it as "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" helps you remember directions.
Lil Phez: Yep.


Hilda said...


I don't understand.

I get the N,E,S,W thing, but how does it tell you which way is which?

Eva said...

Kids are just the cutest! It's so obvious sometimes that their internal dialog has been going for a while before they open their mouths to speak. :) I love this post!

purplepassion said...

I'm with you Hilda, HUH?

Matt said...


swn said...

soooooo, um, like, i don't have much of a "cyberlife" but uh, one of the things i do somewhat often
is check, like, uh, your blog.
so, like, um, did you die?
cause, that would like,
n' stuff.
sooooo, come back into the light! walk towards the light! return to blogging!

Eva said...

Okay, so at least you're visiting other people's blogs. But you're not updating yours? I should talk - it's been over a month since I touched my blog. Maybe we can both dust off our writing muscles and give it a go...